Column Writing in Pakistan

Column Writing in Pakistan is considered to be the best technique to pen down the ideas floating through your mind after experiencing day to day happenings or reading news about events and ideas or personalities.

 It is well known quote that people with high callibre mostly talks about Ideas, people with middle callibre discuss events and happenings while people with low callibre love to discuss personalities.

 I have no doubt on the intellectual level of my readers that they have well understood  my style to rate a columnist. First let me tell you the newspapers I usually cross through;

Urdu Dailies

  • Nawa-e-Waqt
  • Jang
  • Express (Not Regularly)

English Dailies

  • Dawn
  • Daily Times

In Nawa-e-Waqt rarely a few good columnist exist who has the sparkle to evoke new ideas and motivation after reading like Dr Anwar Sadeed and Barrister Zaffarullah Khan and sometime Khalid Ahmed is also good. A regular column Sir-rahey is a good piece of creation but it is annonymous.

 In Jang there is a big big name Irshad Ahmed Haqqani and I put him on the top in urdu columnist he is from the category of those high calliber people who write about ideas and events and have their firm opinions even before an event take place. He has analytical capability thus he can forsee the future moves. Other big names includes;

  1. Hassan Nissar
  2. Abid Tehami &
  3. Dr. Safder Mehmood

In Express there are again 2 or 3 big names like;

  1. Abbas Ather
  2. Abdullah Tariq Sohail
  3. Saadullah Jan Burq

Now I would like to talk about those who has got the fame although are dwarf while compared to these heighted columnists. 

On the top is Javed Chaudary (JC)

Javed ChaudaryTher are many who admire Javed Chaudary (Express) more then anyone else and no doubt he has good fan club. To me it seems that he has a pide piper and many are moving behind him with the magic of its tune. While describing Javed Chaudary I would say only few things;

  1. He chooses personalities to discuss in his articles that is the quality of low callibre people so he could never inspire me. He never touch political ideology because it need uptodate knowledge along with analytical skill that he misses. Sometime he surpass realistic imagination and take you into the world of fascination like his article “Musharraf Shah Rangeela” in which he tried to present the picture of Musharraf in a way as he is mad person with no ethics and in some other article you will find him appraising Musharraf for providing independnce to media. I have the opinion that he know the emotional play of words that many could be fooled. I think fooled is a harsh and misfit word I should say many become his staunch followers but those who really are analytical readers and can differentiate a piece of writing on the basis of quality would reject him. At many other places he would be appreciating Musharraf in his writings. I know there must be people raising question that what bad if he praise him for some good action……? I would add the logic when he has proved Musharraf a Cynic & mad how he could praise him in any of the way…..? I m leaving the final judgement on the intellect of readers.
  2. He is the one who twist the facts by magic of his words and his emotional writing is the trick and this strategy has earned a big name to him. Here if I wont give example it would be injustice. Hist article “Kash Kabi Aisa Ho Jaye” published in Express on 31st Jan-08 is the example of his trick. In the article he kept very emotional stance and tried to keep the suspence about the theme of the article he start it by describing French President Sarkozi then Karla Bruni and finally comes to his visit to different countries including India. He then emotionally strikes readers and misinform by saying that no Muslim state refused his girl friend but only India. This fact can be traced out in the papers that KSA has also refute to entertain his girl-friend but he has twisted the facts just to create an emotional atmosphere where people would really feel ashame and their heads will bow down for being a muslim and they will be having ill-feeling for muslim countries. And they all will be inspired by his humanity and power of saying truth that is basically lie coated.
  3. He is not competent enough to speak and justify his work in public. Some of the main qualities of him as a writer are; 
  • He do plagerism that is unethical on all grounds
  • He exploit others by his writing power and offcourse sometime it benifits to some people as well
  • He dont have much command over major political issues so rather discussing issues and ideas he prefer to discuss personalities
  • He rarely reply justifications for his writing when challenged for misinformation
  • He never speculated upto the mark rather make emotional strikes

I will be writing about other columnist in next sitting.

I do welcome all those having ideas about JC to share……..


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My Intro

SuccessI m a humble person and a great lover of democracy. Have diversified experience of different fields like social, educational and media sector. Although media is more of the matter of my interest then experience.

 I wish to see Pakistan as a progressive democracy and its my real dream for Pakistan of tomorrow and I hope soon the clouds of disharmony and distress will calm down and new dawn will appear on the sky.

 Bill Cosby (1937 – ) quoted;

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

I agree with the quote that key of failure is to work for the choices of others. For me the key to success is the intelligent presentation of self and your ideas with firm opinions and logical viewpoints that can be proved even before crowd.

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